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I suggest you contact Frank Duffy (his e-mail address is in the message
below) if you would like to submit something. I am just a conduit for the
information about the call for submissions.

Glad to hear about your homeschooling/democratic schooling!


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>Hello Alan,
>I think that I would like help in any way that I can with what it will take
>to redesign education for the 21st century. I'm working very hard on
>a "Sudbury" school here in our hometown of Asheville, NC. We plan to open
>our school in the fall of this year!
>Our family ( I have 5 kids) has homeschooled with student-directed learning
>for fourteen years. We learned about Sudbury about twelve years ago and
>been very excited about their model and how we had to create this same
>opportunity for children in our community.
>Let me know if I can be of help as the "community" parent voice.
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>Date: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 10:25 PM
>Subject: DSM: Fw: [odnet] good news to share
>>Dan, Hanna, Mimsy, et al,
>>I just got this e-mail and thought it would be a great opportunity to get
>>the democratic school message out through the theme of redesigning school
>>systems for the 2000's. The original sender, Frank Duffy, isa professor at
>>Gallaudet University in DC and an Organization Development consultant who
>>has done a lot of work in schools. If you decide to respond to his call
>>chapters, let him know I sent you!
>>Alan Klein
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>>Subject: [odnet] good news to share
>>>Hi everyone,
>>>Just got some good news today that I'd like to share. Christopher-Gordon
>>>Publishers is offering me and Jack Dale a contract to edit a new book on
>>>improvement. The working title is
>>>"Redesigning schools systems for the 3rd millennium: voices from the
>>>the field, and the community."
>>>Jack and I are inviting chapters from academics, school district
>>>and members of the community. The focus will be on the theme "what, in
>>>opinion, will it take to redesign entire school systems for the 21st
>>>and beyond?"
>>>Jack is the current superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools in

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