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Hi Martin,

I've been watching, with interest, as the Sudbury Valley School gets talked
about in German newsgroups, like de.soc.familie.misc, de.alt.jugendschutz,
and -- sadly I am forced to read postings in the poor
translations available through altavista.

Would you mind if I link to your translations?

Take care

Martin Wilke wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> my name is Martin Wilke, I'm 19 years old and from Berlin (Germany).
> For about 4 1/2 year I'm actively working in Germany's only youth rights
> group K.R..T.Z.. (see For several years I've been
> searching for alternatives to the current German educational system. For
> me, one tenet has always been that no one shall be forced to learn
> things he's not interested in. But I didn't have any satisfying idea -
> until I read some texts about Sudbury Valley School in late 1998.
> So I started to model a democratic educational/school system, written
> down in a 70,000 character (= 10,000 words) text "Lernen in Freiheit"
> ("Learning in Freedom").
> Another reason why I needed to write that text is, that I'm running for
> Berlin's regional parliament as independent candidate. School politics
> is discussed a lot in these times, but unfortunately rather in
> conservative/authoritarian ways. So I felt that one needed to do
> something against it - and at best one should be able to present
> progressive alternatives.
> Therefore I also translated some texts into German (Scott Gray's
> Introduction to SVS, Back to Basics, The Art of Doing Nothing, Fairhaven
> School's FAQs). More will follow. You'll find them at
> .
> At the moment I'm preparing a newspaper for my election's campaign. One
> page will be dedicated to the mentioned alternatives to Berlin's
> anti-democratic authoritarian school system.
> For that purpose I would need some pictures to illustrate the articles.
> One picture should show a School Meeting. And another one an "average"
> learning situation - although there'll hardly be such an "average" one,
> right? On one Sudbury School's webpages I saw a picture, that shows a
> young boy laying under a table reading a book, things like that would be
> good.
> If you have such appropriate picture, please send me as GIF, TIF, JPG or
> PDF file.
> That's all for today
> Greeting from Berlin
> Martin Wilke
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