DSM: Re: religious school = more military like?

Alan Klein (Alan@klein.net)
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West Virginia simply requires health and safety inspections and a
standardized test given annually (such as the California Achievement Test)
with scores at or above 40th percentile.

Alan Klein

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>Hmmm..I must have missed part of this...
>Joseph Moore wrote:
>> Thanks!
>> One more thing while we're on the topic: I've wondered how the private
>> elementary and high schools, specifically the Catholic and other schools
>> with religious affiliations, were brought to heel on all this state
>> accreditation stuff - I would have thought (if I didn't know better) that
>> they'd be more likely to reject state control and experiment a little,
>> alas, they are if anything more military-like in their methods.
>Just a note - religious schools are by not means all in the
>'strict Catholic' mold. Take a good look at any of the private
>Quaker schools, which, although not as liberal as democratic
>schools are quite leftist.
>Can anyone speak to the question of how much control various states
>have over private schools? Doubtless it varies greatly. Here in
>Massachussetts, I believe there is relatively little control, if any.
>(With the exception of schools for 'special needs' children which must
>meet some standards in regards to funding concerns.)

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