Re: DSM: religious school = more military like?
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 13:31:38 EDT

Better late than never ... Massachusetts does have restrictive standards
regarding the operation of private schools. Those with a conflict of interest
are the ones who decide whether a school can open. That is, the local school
committee in town takes responsibility for judging that what the private
school offers is equal to what the public school offers, then approves its
operation ... or doesn't. Anything Other can be turned down arbitrarily,
without explanation and with no recourse short of trying to establish a
school from town to town.
SVS's long and successful history was meaningless where I was trying to open
a new school replicating the model. And the state won't help either the town
or the new school. The letter of the law itself is meaningless to school
committees, too.

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