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Thankyou Alan for responding to my posting. I, too would like to emphasise
"personal" and "professional" judgments about students' literacy development and
resent the notion that "objective" tests and other "objective" forms of
assessment are superior in any way because they are supposedly "objective"
(i.e., free from human bias!!). This is why I posted my request to this list.

Now, to answer your initial questions:

What would be the purpose of such assessment?

The purpose of the assessments will vary according to each school's (not
necessarily the child's but hopefully does have the child as a focus) needs and
extraneous demands from government.

For whom is the data gathered?

I am doing this on behalf of an association for independent schools in
Australia. they are developing a national literacy plan which needs to
accommodate a wide range of schools from "very" alternative to "very"
traditional. So I need to put forward a comprehensive report on what is
happening around the world so I can support less frequently supported ways of
assessing literacy development and especially "personal" & "professional"
judgments including those of the students! We need to support individuals to
be in charge of their own learn, not dictated to by others.

I hope this information makes sense and is helpful to you.

Thanks again,

Adrienne Huber

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