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Scott David Gray (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:49:15 -0400

Sharon Stanfill wrote:

> Well, actually, I rather doubt that one can get into classes for
> free just by asking the professor. That's what auditing and the
> usual auditing fees are for, generally speaking. Speaking from
> my experience with 4 colleges/universities, that is.

In my experience, if you knock on a professor's door and ask s/he will
have no reason NOT to let you into her/his class. His/her salary isn't
dependant on the number of students in the class. If you're not writing
papers s/he doesn't have to do any extra work. And if you're actually
INTERESTED you are a better student than most.

> And, generally speaking, a college degree is needed for a relatively
> select few - those going to to advanced degrees for example. One
> could argue as to whether or not graduate school is merely more
> of the same, but one could not ignore the fact that it is necessary
> if one wishes to do advanced scientific research (omitting the case
> of those of extraordinary wealth, who could, perhaps, outfit their
> own labs and fund their projects.)
> SHaron

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