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I can't really imagine making rooming on campus a condition of being a
student. I could imagine a Sudbury school offering boarding services for
students, but I would be hesitant to support it personally. I could see
the school having some sort of official or unofficial relationship with a
private boarding house for students at Sudbury Valley.

At least within the context of Sudbury Valley, I think a big part of the
"experience" is being part of communities outside of the school, and the
interplay between life at school and life outside of the school. This
touches on one of the differences between Summerhill and Sudbury Valley;
Summerhill is designed to be a full time family (at least the Summerhill
presented in Neill's book), while Sudbury Valley is a community of
individuals with their own separate lives and interests, who like to enjoy
some time together (5-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year, minus
a few holidays).

Jerome Mintz wrote:

> Do Sudbury people feel that a Sudbury school should not be boarding? I
> always felt that this would enhance the schools which chose to add that
> aspect, as was our experience.
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